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Continuing Education
Personal Submission of a Course

Continuing Education Credit for Individual Montana Insurance Producers, Adjusters or Consultants

These materials are designed to allow Montana insurance licensees to claim insurance continuing education credit for insurance education courses not submitted by the course provider for Montana insurance continuing education credit.

 Before you complete and submit this packet, please contact the course provider and verify the course you attended was not submitted to or approved by Montana for insurance continuing education credit. If the course provider received Montana approval for the course, and you completed the course in the format submitted by the course provider, you do not need to complete and submit this application to receive insurance continuing education credit.

Please answer all of the questions in this packet and attach the materials requested.


  1. Course Submission for Individual Montana Producers, Adjusters or Consultants Form CE-3
  2. Continuing Education Administrative Rules
  3. Continuing Education Montana Insurance Statutes