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CSI Legal Actions
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A -

ACN Incorporated * SEC-2010-82
Aetna Life Insurance Company * INS-2010-65
AIU Insurance Company * INS-2004-198
All American Health Care Association *
Allegiance Life & Health * INS-2008-1
Allied Health Benefits Inc. * INS-2009-70
Allstate Dealer Services * INS-2013-226
Altig International Company * INS-2003-5
Amacore Group Inc. * INS-2009-75
American Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas
American Builders Insurance Company Risk Retention Group, Inc * INS-2012-276
American Evangelistic Association * INS-2006-1
American Trade Association * INS-2010-01
Ameriplan USA Corporation * 04-03-06-212-I
Ameritrade Inc. * SEC-2009-58
James A. Andrews Jr. * C-08-07-06-235
AON Corporation * C-08-31-05-052
AON Service Corporation * INS-2012-288
Arch Insurance Company * INS-2013-06
Artisan Contractors Insurance Company Risk Retention Group, LLC * INS-2012-59
Association for Lifestyle Reform * INS-2010-62

B -

Bad Boy Bail Bonds * INS-2009-71
Patrick Wayne Bailey * INS-2014-34
Mary Baird * INS-2011-259
Mary Baird * INS-2013-165
Mary Baird Listerud * INS-2014-216
Banc of America Securities LLC * SEC-2009-20
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Co. * INS-2008-13
Bankers Life and Casualty Company * SEC-2012-240
Bankers Life and Casualty Company * INS-2012-210
Cindy Lou Barry * INS-2010-153
Robin Barsness * INS-2011-128
Nancy Lee Beasley and All About Bonds, Inc. * INS-2012-72
Bench Mark Insurance Company * INS-2003-2
Berkley Insurance Company * INS-2011-338
Big Sky Financial of Helena * INS-2014-72
Joseph J. Biondolillo * SEC-2013-115
Jerome Bjordahl * INS-2012-210
Jeffrey and Debra Blodgett * INS-2008-45
Joyce Bowman * INS-2009-52
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Inc.* INS-2007-11
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, Inc. * INS-2011-183
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Inc. *INS-2012-47
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, Inc. and Health Care Service Corporation * INS-2012-238
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, a Division of Health Care Service Corporation * INS-2014-139
Mark Joseph Bonamarte * DC-12-242B * INS-2012-46
Mark Anthony Boone * DC-08-31B
Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company
Martin Bower * I-11-08-04-01 * DV-08-182(A)
Bozeman Abstract and Title Services * INS-2003-13
Brecek & Young Advisors Inc. * C-09-27-05-054
Douglas Lawrence Brown * DC-13-64 * INS-2012-236
Brown and Riding Insurance Services, Inc. * INS-2014-12
Troy Allen Bruce * I-11-28-06-238
James "Jeb" Bryant * SEC-2011-44B * DC-11-116
Colleen M. Buzzell * INS-2013-211

C -

CAbi, LLC * SEC-2014-170
CapWealth Investment Services * SEC-2011-206
Caruba International Business Corporation * SEC-2007-93
Cascade Exploration Inc. * I-11-08-05-150
Rodney Casey * SEC-2012-300
Chelsea Financial Services * SEC-2013-58
Chicago Title Company of Montana * INS-2011-90 * INS-2006-28 * INS-2003-52
Donald Chouinard * SEC-2011-136
Citigroup Global Markets Inc. * SEC-2009-4
Nicholas Richard Cladis * I-10-16-06-241
CLC Incorporated * INS-2005-25
Close To My Heart * SEC-2014-189
Collins Advantage Insurance * INS-2010-119
Jack Lavel Coffin * DC-07-303C
Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company * INS-2013-107
Concord Equity Group * SEC-2009-58
Consolidated Workers Association Inc. * INS-2008-55
Constellation Wealth Advisor, LLC * SEC-2010-158
Continental Health, Med One et al * INS-2004-31
Converse, Richard and Victorious Financial Bank SEC-2015-43
Cornerstone Financial * CDV-2009-157 * ADV-2009-157
Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC * SEC-2009-59
Crystal Clean Inc. * INS-2006-43
Donald Chouinard * SEC-2009-46
Donald Chouinard * SEC-2011-136
State of Montana v. Donald Chouinard * DC-09-576B

D -

Ronald D. Dague * INS-2002-40
Patrick Phillip Davison * I-08-18-06-236
DBSI Inc. * 08-12687
Francis L. Dean * INS-2009-49
Kimberly P. DeFord * INS-2004-39
Delano & Morgenroth Investment Advisors, LLC * SEC-2012-299
David Arthur Deschamps * INS-2009-1
Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. * SEC-2009-39 * 05-17-05-194 I
DLJ Cattle Company * INS-2010-116
Mark Diamond, Diamond and Associates * INS-2012-139
DNH Consulting Group * INS-2007-75
Doley Securities, LLC * SEC-2012-118
Douglas Dubin, and Brigitte Dubin * INS-2013-253
Edward B. Dupuis * INS-2011-52

E -

Lionel Scott Ellison * DC-11-767 * INS-2011-123
End Child Hunger Inc * I-11-29-05-152
Michael Erwin * INS-2011-35
E*Trade Securities, LLC. * SEC-2011-356
EZ Bail Bonds, Inc., William Rupnow, Theresa Rupnow * INS-2014-35

F -

Christopher Faber * SEC-2011-178
Fairmont Premier Insurance Co. * INS-2009-80
Farmers Insurance Company * INS-2003-37
Farmers Insurance Exchange * INS-2012-263
Michael Ferrara * SEC-2013-88
Financial America Securities * SEC-2013-45
Financial Assets Corporation * SEC-2010-07
First Community Bank * SEC-2014-76
First Fidelity Financial Marketing Group of Central Montana * SEC-2009-56
Bulk Reinsurance of First Montana Title * INS-2008-74
Flathead Farm Mutual Insurance Co. Inc. * INS-2010-150
Anthony Paul Flores * DC-08-566
Fortis Insurance Company * INS-2002-50
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Inc. * SEC-2010-12
Dale Fossen, et al., v. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, Inc. No. 10-36001 * INS-2011-76
Foundation Capital Corp. * SEC-2008-49
John David Fox, Katherine Fox * 01-21-04-123-I
Funky Shark, LLC * DDV-2012-951 * SEC-2012-260

G -

Donald A. Garberg * 07-31-09-316C
Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company * INS-2011-312
Georgia and Southland Life Insurance Company *
James R. Gibson Sr. * INS-2006-70
Matthew Patrick Gillespie * DC-10-455
Global Healings Society * INS-2004-32
Global Sports Marketing Corporation * SEC-2008-21
Randall A. Glover * INS-2004-44
Goldman Sachs & Company * SEC-2010-43
Russell Max Graham * INS-2011-34
Russell Max Graham * INS-2009-101
Great Northwest Insurance Company * INS-2012-114

H -

Hancock Securities Group, LLC * SEC-2010-67
Toby Hansen * INS-2013-61
Brenda Hanson * INS-2010-102
Individual Surety; Shonto Surety and Robert Joe Hanson * INS-2004-19 * ADV-2011-586
Barbara Hantsman * INS-2011-50
Rolf Harmsen * INS-2011-240
Hartford Fire Insurance Co., Hartford Accident and Indemnity et al * INS-2003-41
Stacey M. Hebuck * INS-2009-1616
Arthur Leroy Heffelfinger * SEC-2011-37
James D. Helgeson * SEC-2012-245
Cynthia Mae Henderson * ADC-2012-122 * INS-2011-19
Highlander Holdings, LLC * SEC-2013-56
Richard A. Hill v. Jack Ray Sauther * DA 10-0359
Harris Himes * DC-11-117
Jeffrey Holm * INS-2009-8
Trent Horswill * SEC-2010-67
Jeremy Hoscheid * DC-12-50 * INS-2012-35

I -

Independent Electrical Contractors * INS-2008-3
Individual Surety, Shonto Surety and Robert Joe Hanson * INS-2004-19 * ADV-2011-586
Infinity Roofing and Siding * INS-2010-140
International Association of Benefits * INS-2009-80
Investment Company Institute v. Monica Lindeen, State Auditor * SEC-2010-136 * BVD-2010-11


Raymond James & Associates * SEC-2011-228
Janelle Jangula * INS-2011-251
Paul Jara * INS-2002-41
Jefferson Pilot Insurance Company * INS-2005-17
James Johnston, Potter & Co and First American Title Insurance Co * INS-2007-40
John Alden Life Insurance Company * INS-2007-85
John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.) * INS-2013-31
David C. Johnson * DC-08-545 * DC-32-2008-0000545-IN
Maceo Johnson * INS-2011-311
Michael Johnson * INS-2011-157
Edward Jones * SEC-2010-32
J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC * SEC-2014-87

K -

Kannaway, LLC * SEC-2014-228
Keith Klima and Standard Marketing Services * INS-2005-13
KMS Financial Services * SEC-2009-73
Jeffrey Knapp * INS-2005-17
Roberta Knapp * INS-2005-18
Diane Knerr * INS-2014-13 * DC-14-23
Randall G. Knowles * DA-08-0016
Bernard M. Komer * SEC-2009-41 * 03-07-06-2011
Kevin W. Kolenda * INS-2011-302
Robert Douglas Kollar * INS-2009-67
Robert Ross Koostra * SEC-2009-56

L -

Cheryl Lanphear * INS-2012-108
Leo Lapito * C 05-09-08-273
Janel Larson * INS-2010-29
Eugene Thomas (aka "Tip") Lavey * DC-10-2011-1
Lawson Financial Corporation * SEC-2012-242
Lawson Financial Corporation * SEC-2014-307
Jack Light * INS-2009-33 * DC-09-0453
Loveless Wealth Management * SEC-2011-41
Michael Loween * INS-2011-127
LPL Financial Corporation * SEC-2009-46
LPL Financial Corporation * SEC-2012-144
Linda A. Lucotch * INS-2009-74
Wade Darrel Lunniss * DC-13-20B * INS-2012-175
Paul Lybeck and Safeco Insurance Company of America * INS-2002-08
Dennis Lyon, a.k.a. Robert Joe Hanson *INS-2011-220

M -

Junie Maloney * INS-2010-27
Marsh & McLennan Companie Inc. *
Surplus Lines Insurance Producer Licenses of Marsh USA Business Entities * INS-2007-46
Kim McCampbell * INS-2012-259
Robert McKay * DDC-2013-267 * SEC-2013-178
Bruce McKinzie * INS-2013-237
MDM Energy * I-07-28-06-231
Medi-Share * BDV-2006-109
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith * SEC-2009-78
MetLife Investors USA Insurance Company * SEC-2011-110
Mid-America Energy Inc. * C-04-03-07-30
Miles City Greenhouse and Justin Dighans * INS-2009-1
Dennis Minemyer * SEC-2010-74
Minico Inc. * INS-2004-18
Thomas Mollring * INS-2009-100
MonaVie * SEC-2014-230
Bulk reinsurance of Life and Annuity Policies of Montana Benefits * INS-2003-36 * BDV-2001-369
Montana Farm Bureau Federation * INS-2011-242
Montana Farmers Union Insurance Agency Inc. * INS-2008-27
Montana Hedge Partners * 03-22-04-129-I
Morgan Asset Management, Inc. * SEC-2011-192
JP Morgan Chase * SEC-2009-38
Sean M. Morgan * 07-31-09-316C
Morgan Stanley & Co.. Inc. * SEC-2009-79
Ronald Moschetta * SEC-2009-14 and 03-16-09-284 I
Bart Murnion * 12-08-05-153-1 * INS-2006-67

N -

National Alliance of Associations et al * INS-2007-79
National Better Living Association et al * INS-2009-70
National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA. * INS-2009-70
Kelly John Nelson (RBC Capital Markets) * SEC-2012-164
Next Financial Group * SEC-2009-89
New York Marine & General Ins. Co. * INS-2011-279
New West Bulk Reinsurance * INS-2011-317
New West Health Plan * INS-2003-50
New West Health Service Rebating * INS-2010-161 * SEC-2010-07
William R. Nooney * ADC-2013-277 * SEC-2013-01
Brian Douglas Null * INS-2010-51
Ehrnkrantz King Nussbaum * SEC-2007-71
Nutrie, LLC * SEC-2014-227

O -

Oak Wood Plaza * DA-10-0359
Obstetricians & Gynecologists Risk Retention Group of America, Inc. * INS-2014-336
John Olson * INS-2011-68
Shawn Ori * INS-2010-104
Thomas J. O'Neill * I-02-05-01-075

P -

Scott Palmer * INS-2013-267
Paparazzi, LLC * SEC-2014-226
Terry Parks and Tower Trust Two * DC-10-371 * SEC-2010-72
Yolanda Pastor, f.k.a. Yolanda Mierzwa; Irene Pastor f.k.a. Irene Mierzwa and Mark Krawczyk * INS-2010-127
Payne Financial Group, Inc. * INS-2011-241
Mark Payton * 9-20-02-103-I, 2002-303-SEC
Timothy Shawn Perry * DC-10-456C
Piper Jaffray & Co. * I-04-19-06-216
PHX Financial, Inc. * SEC-2014-188
Preferred Contractors Insurance Company * INS-2013-232
Preferred Professional Insurance Company * INS-2005-9
Pre-Paid Legal Casualty Incorporated * INS-2006-48
ProEquities, Inc. * SEC-2012-220
Professional Liability Insurance Company * INS-2004-333
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company * INS-2014-319
Prosper Marketplace * SEC-2009-26
John Hancock Proud * INS-2007-9
Prudent Choice, Stephen T. Cook * INS-2006-31
PSI/Health Leads System * INS-2009-70

Q -

Quadra Pay Land LLC * C-03-27-06-210
John C. Quist * SEC-09-22-04-1381

R -

RBC Capital Markets Corporation * SEC-2009-34
RBC Capital Markets Corporation * SEC-2013-144
Richard Reynolds * DC-12-____
E. K. Riley Investments * I-02-112-04-125
Riversource Distributors Inc. * SEC-2011-288
Frank Robinson * INS-2012-45
James L. Robinson * INS-2009-53
L. H. Ross & Company * C-08-16-04-049
Rothschild Investment Corporation * SEC-2008-5
Earl Rowe * INS-2010-19
Dawn Ruiz * ADC-2003-319
EZ Bail Bonds, Inc., William Rupnow, Theresa Rupnow * INS-2014-35
Ryan Beck & Co. * C-08-31-05-052

S -

Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois * INS-2009-98
Satyam BPO Limited * INS-2009-87
Gregg Sautter * SEC-2010-48
Sav-Rx LLC * INS-2003-7
Anne Marie Schlenker * SEC-2011-170
Richard "Rick" Schaeffer * DC-11-015B * INS-2010-143
Seacret Direct, LLC * SEC-2014-225
Securities America, Inc. * SEC-2010-48
ShareValue, Inc. * SEC-2009-37
Sherco Construction Inc. * INS-2010-140
Robert L. Sherry * SEC-2011-239
Philip E. Shipley * INS-2007-1
Nicole Sibley * INS-2009-93
Susan "Tutti" Skaar * SEC-2014-111
Lawrence L. and Lawrence R. Skawinski * INS-2012-28
Max E. Small * INS-2002-39
James K. Sokolis * INS-2002-24
Spellbinder Funding LLC *
Leonard Oaks Spicer * INS-2010-87
Russel Millard Squire, III * I-06-06-06-222
Standard Insurance Company * CV-06-47-H-DWM
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company * INS-2013-130
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company * INS-2014-132
Stewart & Associates * SEC-2012-304
Stifel, Nicolaus & Company * SEC-2010-25
Stillwater Abstract & title Company * INS-2009-86
Elizabeth Story * INS-2010-45
Elizabeth Story and Hometown Insurance Agency * INS-2013-46
Michael R. Strother * INS-2013-102
Style N'Tile International Inc. * SEC-2008-4
Summitt Brokerage Services * 08-09-05-148-I
Sure Foundation International Inc. * 03-28-05-141-I
Amber Szafryk * INS-2005-4

T -

TBTI, Inc., and Paul L. Schumack * SEC-2014-119
Telexfree, Inc. * SEC-2014-106
Texas Encore Materials Inc. * 08-29-05-I
Brete Thibeault * SEC-2012-298
Travelers Casualty and Surety Company * 04-228
Travelers Casualty and Surety Company * INS-2013-131
Travelers Indemnity Company Inc. * INS-2011-2
Tri-Energy Inc. * 445-04
Trumball Insurance Company * INS-2002-4
Sheila Trumps * INS-2011-116
TTG Financial Services Inc. * I-09-10-07-255
Daniel Two Feathers * SEC-2005-65

U -

UBS Securities and USB Financial Services Inc. * SEC-2010-39
Byron Udell & Associates Inc. * INS-2010-138
United Family Healthcare Group * INS-2004-36
United National Workforce Association Inc., Adova Health, UGP, NHCMG, CAUSA, et. al. * INS-2006-71
United Service Association for Health Care Inc. * INS-2003-6
United States Auto Club * INS-2005-24
United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York * INS-2009-70
United States Fire Insurance * INS-2009-80
U.S. Bankcorp Piper Jafrey Inc. * I-02-05-01-075
U.S. Fidelis Insurance Company risk Retention Group Inc. * INS-2009-91
UVest Financial Services Group, Inc. * SEC-2012-243

V -


W -

Wachovia Securities LLC * SEC-2009-5
Waddell & Reed Inc. * 03-31-05-142-I
Jere Wagner & J.F. Wagner * SEC-2011-10
George H. Weaber * CDC-2006-175
Wells Fargo Investments * SEC-2010-24
Richard H. Westerman * C-05-04-06-225
Western States Insurance Agency * INS-2012-265
Wexl Financial * 03-16-09-2841
Scott White * INS-2012-22
Scott Xavier Williams * INS-2013-62
Tim Williams * INS-2013-85
Willoughby Insurance Services, LLC * INS-2013-105
Ron Wilson, Surety Partner, LLP * INS-2011-231
Women Helping Women * I-02-03-00-055

X -


Y -


Z -