Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Council
PCMH Advisory Council
Advisory Council Meeting Information
Date Agenda Materials Minutes
May 1, 2013AgendaPCMH Bill - SB84
Section-by-Section Bill Summary
March 6, 2013AgendaPCMH Bill - SB84
Section-by-Section Bill Summary
January 9, 2013AgendaPCMH Bill - SB84
NASHP Multipayer Medical Home Learning Collaborative RFA
Montana's Application
December 5, 2012AgendaPCMH Bill Draft - LC378Minutes
November 7, 2012AgendaPCMH Bill Fact Sheet
PCMH Bill Draft
PCMH Bill Draft Survey Report
Advisory Council Conflict of Interest Statement
Brad Thompson Bio
Brad Thompson Presentation Outline
The HALI Project's Medical Home Model
American Academy of Pediatrics Medical Home Data Fact Sheet
Cost of Care Coordination - Pediatircs Journal
Engaging Parents as Partners to Support Early Child Health and Development - NASHP
Pediatric Practice Enahancement Project - Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs
Rhode Island's Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project: Parents Helping Parents and Practitioners
The Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project - Rhode Island
The Pediatric Practice Enhancement Data Brochure - Rhode Island
September 5, 2012AgendaPCMH Bill Fact Sheet
PCMH Bill Draft
August 1, 2012AgendaPCMH Bill Fact Sheet
PCMH Bill Draft
Revised Workplan
Webinar Series Summary
Conference Schedule
June 6, 2012AgendaPCMH Bill Draft
Revised Workplan
May 2, 2012Agenda  Minutes
April 4, 2012Agenda   Minutes
March 7, 2012Agenda   Minutes
February 8, 2012AgendaNASHP TA Application
Rationale for PCMH Legislation
Commissioner Lindeen's acceptance of subcommittee recommendations
January 11, 2012AgendaRecommendation of Subcommittee Documents
Medical Home Legislation Pros and Cons
Collection of Preambles
NASHP Request for Applications
NASHP Webinar on North Carolina
July Article in North Carolina Medical Journal on NC Model
Education Webinar Series Outline
SURVEY - Legislation Pros and Cons
December 21, 2011AgendaRecommendation on Council Alternates
Finalized set of quality metrics
Finalized framework for payment
Provider PCMH Survey Summary
Practice Manager PCMH Survey Summary
Survey Crosstabs
December 7, 2011Agenda Medical Home Legislation Memo
All-Payer Claims Database Report
November 16, 2011Agenda Attributes of a Technology Platform-Final Notes
November 2, 2011Agenda  Minutes
October 19, 2011 AgendaMemo on Avoiding Anti-Trust Issues Minutes
October 5, 2011 Agenda Draft Statewide Survey Minutes
September 14, 2011 Agenda Welcome Letter to Advisory Council
Work Plan (Updated March 2011)

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